Shakti at Sweets Dec 18th

There is a saying: "After the Gong is struck, it is time to listen to God!". Or in this case, the Goddess, Shakti! Om Namo Namo Shaktaye!!
Shakti with Zorg and Tyler at Sweets Dec 18th    
Zorg playing his Wu Xing Gong (whose name is Shakti), with Tyler leading the re-integration.
One of the things I love about this recording is how it captures the relative quiet of about 300 people at the end of this. And Tyler takes plenty of time to lead people out if it, because it is palpable how deep people have gone on this journey. It reminds me of my fondest memories of Burning Man, during the Temple Burn on Sunday night. It is quite extraordinary, after a week of 24/7 loud music, to sit in almost total silence with almost 50,000 people (assuming about 20,000 left after Saturday's burn. I don't really know the numbers...).
There's an incredible sense of community-building when silence is explicitly honored as a practice. Because we all speak with voices that sound different, but our silences sound exactly the same!
Shakti's next public appearance will be after the Ecstatic Dance on Sunday Dec 29th with DJ Daniel Molner! You can also hear her at the New Years Eve Black Light Ball at the 418 project in Santa Cruz. Tickets for that will definitely sell out before NYE!
The first big gig in 2020 will include half an hour of Gong playing at the start of the NadaYoga event, which I am very much looking forward to co-creating with the Nada Yoga Collective, who could include YOU! If you are interested, please send me an email!
This music is not yet part of a recording contract. © 2019 Zorg Ztocouc