Zorg's path to NādaYoga

Zorg's journey with NādaYoga (The Yoga of Sound) began with mantra meditation. He studied Sanskrit and Pāli at Oxford as an undergraduate, and then spent a year in India, ending at Swami Lakshmanjoo's ashram in Kashmir. He then returned to Oxford, to write a PhD thesis on a 10th Century text from the Kashmir Shaivite school of Tantra, spending the summers in Kashmir studying with Swami Lakshmanjoo.
Zorg has a passionate interest in the ways that music can be used for meditation, healing and ceremonial consciousness-raising. He studied Bata drumming with Carolyn Brandy; trained as a TaKeTiNa teacher with Reinhard and Cornelia Flatischler; learned to play jazz on bass, guitar, and keyboards; and practiced co-creating improvised music in a wide variety of settings. Zorg's favorite large-scale events have included Pagan Fire Circles and multiple Burning Man performances.
Dance and movement is almost as powerful a motivator for Zorg as music. He began recording his blessings for Health, Happiness, Love, and Wisdom several years after learning to spin fire poi on stilts. This video illustrates some of that learning process. In particular, it is sometimes very obvious that wisdom is our highest goal, and health is a very immediate priority!



For more information and details of private Sound Journeys, please email Zorg at Zorg@NadaYoga.us