Four Buddhist Blessings

Zorg has composed and recorded four pieces of music to support four Buddhist MettaBhavana (LovingKindness) meditations, for Health, Happiness, Love, and Wisdom. The MettaBhavana practice involves wishing these blessings for oneself, then for family and friends, then neutral people, and finally all beings.
Health, Happiness, Love, and Wisdom form a natural hierarchy, similar to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, in which the attainment of the lower goals supports the attainment of the higher goals. The beauty of these blessings is that they are self-replicating unlimited resources; the more we enjoy giving them to others, the more others enjoy giving them to us.

These meditations may be practiced in many ways. Zorg has released this YouTube video showing a practice of the Health Blessing, with “movement mantra” in settings as varied as hammock, trampoline, and slackline!
img of Zorg on slackline
The music for all four blessings can be found on Spotify here, on YouTube here, and other streaming platforms.
And here's a YouTube short, taken in Oct 2023, a few weeks after learning to balance sideways on a slackline for the first time:

Ecstatic Dance

Zorg has been part of the SF Bay Area Ecstatic Dance community for many years, offering sound healings at the end of Ecstatic dances around the Bay. He has also recorded his own Ecstatic Dance version of the Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows", which is available on Spotify:

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