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Welcome to the home of Nāda Yoga!

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Zorg's Nāda Yoga offerings

Event next Saturday!
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Plans are now being finalized for the event at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists hall next Saturday! This one will center on the them of love. Here are the details.

Previous events
We held a NādaYoga event on Jan 19th to celebrate life and health. It was an evening of Shakti Gong journey followed by moving group meditation with singing. The video above explains how the Sanskrit Blessing goes with the Gong bass line. There are more explanatory videos in the event page .
It is always a great joy and honor to play for the sound healing in the historic Sweets Ballroom, on same the historic stage that Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, and Count Basie once played. One recent appearance there with Shakti (my Gong), was after DJ Dakini's Ecstatic Dance set Dec 18th, and I made a recording of this with some tiny microphones but it came out quite well! Thank you to all who shared the beautiful silence together, and the other-worldly sounds of Shakti as she sings...
I was also delighted to play on Sunday Dec 29th after the dance with Daniel Molner's DJ Daniel Molner , and for the closing ceremony at the New Years Eve Black Light Ball at the 418 project in Santa Cruz.
I am offering Gong sound journeys around the San Francisco Bay Area, both from my studio in Mountain View and by arrangement in other venues and private homes. Participants lie down with eyes closed and are bathed in the extraordinary sounds of the gong. Please send me an email for more details!

Didjeridoo sound journeys
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I am honored to have my didjeridoo playing featured on the last track of the new "Integration Vol 1" EP from Ecstatic Dance Records. I have been offering didjeridoo sound journeys for several years in various formats. My didjitalsoundjourney website has full details.

Music, singing, chanting and dancing!
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Tantric meditations take many forms. For me, these have included stiltwalking, which is an amazing experience of feeling vertically stretched; pulled upwards by the sense of being so high and waving to all the smiling faces down below, yet simultaneously feeling a primal need to stay deeply connected with the ground by being constantly aware of the contact between the bottom of the stilts and the ground, since sometimes one's life literally depends upon that groundedness!
I have had some of the most fun experiences in my life dancing and playing music, even on stilts! And for me one of the most powerful things about the ancient practice of
is that it channels the joy of playing, singing and dancing in community, for higher purposes. My personal definition of what those "higher purposes" might be, is derived from the Buddhist prayer: "May you have health, happiness, love and wisdom".   I see the four parts of this blessing as forming a kind of "spiritual Maslow's hierarchy", where health is the foundation supporting happiness, happiness in turn supports love, and love supports wisdom.
So although I see wisdom as being my highest life goal, the path to achieving it starts with health. I am currently recording music for events that will celebrate each of the four parts of this blessing. The first part is finished. The Sanskrit says "sarve bhavantu nirāmayaḥ",   which can be paraphrased as "May you be healthy, strong, grounded, safe and long-lived!".  You can listen here. This recording is, in many ways, an evolution from the Part 4: Rebirth music of my Tibetan Book of the Dead project which you can find on CDBaby.

Zorg's Nāda Yoga journey

My personal journey with
"the yoga of sound"
began with mantra meditation when I was a teenager. I studied Sanskrit and Pāli at Oxford as an undergraduate, and after spending a year in India, returned to write my PhD thesis on a 10th Century text from the Kashmir Shaivite school of Tantra.
In the spirit of non-dualism, over the years I also studied many other ways in which sound can be used for meditation, healing and ceremonial consciousness-raising. Some of the traditions I trained in include Bata drumming, TaKeTiNa, and jazz. I have also learned a lot about spontaneous community co-creation of music in Pagan Fire Circles.
In recent years, I have dived more deeply into the creation of sonic spaces for meditation. As an example, this piece, "The Clear Light" is my musical interpretation of the first stage of the soul's Bardo journey, as described in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The chanting is supported by didjeridoo, which I have found to be a powerful tool for meditation practice.
Possibly the most sonically powerful tool in my current practice is the 36" Wu Xing gong (pictured above), which has an astonishing synthesis of ancient Chinese gong tradition with modern German engineering. Its ability to produce complex harmonies combined with deep vibrations that one can literally feel in one's bones, needs to be experienced to be believed!


I would like to thank my many teachers: Professors Richard Gombrich, Alexis Sanderson, Bimal Motilal and Steve Collins at Oxford; Swami Lakshmanjoo in Kashmir; Reinhard Flatischler and Cornelia Jecklin; Carolyn Brandy; Rufus Reid and Frank Martin. I would also like to express deep gratitude to my many dear, supportive friends, whom I cannot fully list here. But I want to give special thanks for the love and inspiration from Nannick Bonnel, Don Buchla, Bruce Damer, Kenneth Nicholson , Joe Paradiso, Naomi Khan, Zorina Wolf , Billy Arraj, Peter Sayle, Freda Gardner, Stuart Sovatsky, Howard Redding, Alison Laytham, Akara, Britta Rael, Carrie Galore, David Gordon, DJ Vedma, Andrew Dannoui , Katherine Glasa, Shimmering Wolf, Eostar Kamala, Tyler Blank, Shannon Puja Sahaja, DJ Hamouris, Candice Holdorf, Gabriel Diamond, Gabriel Fransisco, Rinara Shah, Rachel Philips, DJ Baron von Spirit, David Conway, Nadya Tierny, my family, and all those from the Ecstatic Dance, Pagan Fire Circle and Burning Man communities too numerous to mention. I could not do this without you! "May you be healthy, strong, grounded, safe and long-lived!"   And I mean that more deeply for my dead friends and loved ones. I hold the image of their vibrant lives in my heart as long as I live!


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