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NādaYoga - the Yoga of Sound

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Sound Journeys for 2024

The healing sounds of the Shakti Gong can help to release and let go of tension throughout the body, leaving participants in a state of deep relaxation. Unlike most traditional gongs, Zorg's 36" Meinl Wu Xing Gong can create an extraordinary variety of resonating frequencies. Please click here , or on the image above, to hear a short example focused on the energy of Sahasrara chakra.
Zorg offers many kinds of Shakti Gong journeys. Some focus on moving energy through the seven chakras, while others explore huge sonic landscapes that support conscious letting go. Zorg also offers shorter sound healings at the end of Ecstatic Dances, and on April 11th will be playing Shakti Gong, didjeridoo, and DJ music for the Thursday Contact Improv jam in Berkeley. More details on the Sound Healings page

Private Ceremonies

Zorg provides customized Shakti Gong journeys for private ceremonies, celebrations, memorials and rituals. These may take place in private homes, yoga studios, or other places by arrangement, and may draw upon a variety of musical and spiritual traditions. They may also included didjeridoo. Please contact Zorg at to discuss your event plans.
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