Shakti Gong Sound Journeys

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Zorg offers Shakti Gong journeys around the SF Bay Area, and brings the Shakti Gong to private homes by arrangement. He also offers journeys of up to 90 minutes in his private Shakti Temple in the South Bay, for up to four people at a time. These journeys allow participants to sink deep into the magical sounds of the Gong. Example themes may include the Buddhist LovingKindness meditations, described in more detail on the Music page

Journeys through the Chakras

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Recently Zorg has been offering a new form of Kundalini Yoga meditation, in which the Shakti Gong becomes a tool to guide a meditation on the seven chakras. The 36" Meinl Wu Xing Gong can resonate in an extraordinary variety of different ways, and these different vibrations can be used as healing energies for the chakras. Although it is difficult to reproduce the “live” sound of the Shakti Gong, you can still get a sense of its magic from these short examples of sounds for manipura chakra and sounds for sahasrara chakra. It is not necessary to know the theory of the chakras in order to directly experience the effect of these sounds in the body!
Please contact Zorg at, for more details and scheduling.

Didjeridoo sound journeys

Zorg has also offered didjeridoo sound healings and Kundalini Yoga meditation journeys for many years, and still offers sound healings at the end of ecstatic dances, and elsewhere by request. More details can be found on his dedicated didj-playing website
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